​12 J​une 2016, a day no one will forget.  A gunman, which many volunteers who spent there time cleaning up Deepwater Horizon, stormed into Pulse Nightclub and killed many people we knew.   49 innocents died and volunteers responded immediately.  Dr Tink was the ​first Disaster Therapy K-9 on scene at hospital greeting families and friends of those wounded in Orlando Medical Center.  Dr Tink is the Director of Emergency Rapid Response Team K-9 Unit.  We learned a lot that day.  We had First Aid Stations CPR/AED/First Aid.  But, expanded and called them Modified First Aid Stations.  The modification was Disaster Psychiatric First Aid K-9 Therapy Counseling.

​On 6 March 2017, a country music performer which got us into the Animal Rescue World passed away.  He was a man who meant so much and loved animals with a passion.  His name was Ross Key.  In Honor of him inspiring many of us in the Animal Rescue World we name the Modified First Aid Stations to Ross Key First Aid Stations, we provide the best High Quality CPR/AED/First Aid/Disaster Psychiatric K-9 First Aid Therapy Counseling.  ​ERRT never forgets those that inspired us to do better things and improve the welfare of the community during disasters.

​The best thing ERRT does is provide these Ross Key First Aid Stations to the community during disasters and outdoor events FREE OF CHARGE.  People in the community and at events should have immediate medical care which does not go above our training.  Welcome to the Future of First Aid Stations.  The only kind currently in operation.