​I am Chloe De Vilsney, Acting Director of Emergency Rapid Response Team.  Hurricane Season has started, and wanted to tell those living on Merritt Island....   EVACUATE!!!  Those living on Route 1 and 1A evacuate, the roads have high potential of erosion making rescue much harder.  Any places East of I-95 has high risk of erosion throughout the East Coast during Hurricane Season.  New York and New Jersey still have not done a good job at fixing infrastructure.  All cities on East Coast clean out your sewers of debris or you will face severe flooding.  Rescue Workers are Volunteers and have inadequate health care and some have no insurance if they have exposure to raw sewage.    Gulf Coast; especially New Orleans, you are at even higher risk of flooding a Category V will devastate your city, Category III will cause severe flooding again.  If there is a Category III or Higher Evacuate immediately.  Use every bus available, sinkholes will be forming this Hurricane Season.  There are fewer and fewer volunteer SAR First Responders and we have a new threat called looters.  So get your boarding supplies now, and make sure your house premade so all you need to do is screw the boards in and we highly suggest you use security bolts.  Most important gun shop owners, clear out your ammunition and firearms, every criminal will be targeting gun stores.  Police take out all ammunition and firearms from your vehicles along with vests, criminals will be targeting vacant vehicles and most importantly they will be targeting SWAT Vehicles and take out all radios.  Criminals want the radios since Police Communication on Scanners is digitally encoded.  Fire and Ambulance, do not take Fire Trucks out it will be hard to get through debris.  Risk of fire is low during a Hurricane, but people who have a heart attack, you can bring out your 4x4 Ambulances, when driving through a Hurricane, drive at 15-20 MPH do not push for speed, do not drive through flooded roads.  911 Operators, many people are not trained for CPR, but have them continuously do Chest Compressions if they are not certified.  The heart needs constant circulation and can save a life when no one is certified until Paramedics arrive.  Hurricane Season 2017 is arriving soon, it is now time to be prepared.  PREPARE NOW!!!