LA BASTILLE

La Bastille, ​The Castle, Boorda's Legacy Deceased 6th Director wanted this created after Hurricane Katrina on 1 September 2005.  Hurricane Katrina is what created Boorda's Legacy into Emergency Rapid Response Team.  Estimated cost to create $5,000,000.  It will become a training ground for every volunteer organization and First Responder Agency to train and prepare for Disaster.  25 acres of land is needed.  It will consist of an EVOC Training Drive Course to improve driving for volunteers and First Responder Agencies.  15-20 acres of woods for SAR/SAR K-9/SAR Equine to improve their skills in Search and Rescue.   Tabletop and Full Scale Disaster Drills.  American Heart Association BLS Provider and First Aid Training.  If we can get a lake First Aid Rescue Diver training with Boat SAR Training.  We need a hovercraft for Hurricane Season 2017, we need one enclosed which can take in at least 6 people.  St Augustine and Merritt Island were flooded to the point ERRT could not get safely without a boat, even though we have Swift Water Rescue Training.  We rather have resources instead of money.  Resources are equipment and supplies which are needed to effectively rescue people in Times of Disaster.  We would prefer land in Orange County due to the fact it is the safest place to live during a Hurricane and can reach people faster during a disaster.