1995 - While helping Admiral Mike Boorda, came across Project X, Boorda's Team was created.

1996 ​- After death of Admiral Mike Boorda, Boorda's Team changed names to Boorda's Legacy.

2001- The original Directors died during 9/11 including Chloe's fiancée and the financers of Boorda's Legacy.

2005 - Boorda's Legacy after Hurricane Katrina changed to Emergency Rapid Response Team.

2012 - ERRT K-9 Unit was started by a Dr Tink.  It all started with a Tink.  Was thinking how I could do SAR better after Lady Lake, FL Groundhog Day Tornadoes

2016 - Modified First Aid Stations was created due to Pulse.  ERRT became a 501c(3).

2017 - Modified First Aid Stations became the Ross Key First Aid Stations.  Our major fundraise are the Bikini Car Washes.

Chloe De Vilsney
24 years of Disaster Response/Relief, SAR, and K-9 Trainer/Handler.  First EMS Stormchaser.  Created better and more efficient First Aid Tents and created the Modified First Aid Tents.  Hates having pictures taken, and hates the media. 

Chief of Naval Operations 1994-96


Savin' Lives is our primary mission.  Every life deserves o be saved during a disaster.  Changin' Lives, for every life is now changed with our Psychological First Aid K-9 Therapy Counseling.


We need 10 more volunteers in our SAR Team, 10 more volunteers for our Ross Key First Aid Stations, 3 more volunteers who are American Heart Association BLS Provider/First Aid Instructors.

One day the People will not trust Federal, State, or even local governments.  It will take a team of specially trained sailors and soldiers in civilian attire to save people.  They will not trust those within uniform.  The NAVY will never accept it, I hereby have Project X, Unclassified.

Dr Tink
Director of ERRT K-9 Unit.  TBI Service Dog for Director of ERRT, Disaster/Court Room Therapy, Search and Rescue.

ADMJeremy "Mike" Boorda

Jacqueline Bailey
Director of Equine Unit.  Passion for horses and all animals.  All heart and all volunteer.  She has passion and loves doing animal rescue.

our leadership team

Our founder

Adam Kraus
Director of SATCOM. 30+ Years HAM Radio Operations and American Red Cross Volunteer.  All Volunteer and All Heart.

Foundation History


Our Ross Key First Aid Tents are the first of it's kind.  Not just CPR/AED/First Aid, but Psychological First Aid K-9 Therapy Counseling, to help those affected by disaster.