We here at Emergency Rapid Response Team have a major goal.  We need to raise $5000 by the end of August when Hurricanes are at their deadliest.  We need 2 new HAM Icom Radios with DSTAR.  We need new tires for the ERRV, roads in Florida are going to be eroding and we expect sinkholes up to 30-50 sinkholes opening up, reason Developers build on top of drained lakes.  If a Category III-V hits the Central Florida region we are expecting 6 of them in Walt Disney World Area.  SR 535, Osceola Parkway, and the majority will be on International Drive.

One thing Looters will be in full force when a Hurricane does come.  They will be breaking into gun stores, hitting fire station parking lots, and in residential neighborhoods breaking into vacant homes and in cars.  They will be looking for one thing, firearms.  This Hurricane Season keep your firearm locked up and safely secured.  When Martial Law is declared you cannot have a firearm on your possession and police can confiscate the firearm or they can destroy it on site.

Doubted every volunteer in ERRT loves to do SAR OPS, please evacuate makes our mission more successful.  If you have pets and livestock have transportation ready and go one state west from the Atlantic Coast States, until it is safe to return home.  Always keep track of paths you have one week to evacuate.  The things you should pack a month prior is all your irreplaceable items and have them ready to load in your vehicle.

If you plan to evacuate during the hurricane.  AVOID Flooded areas and find alternate routes.  Driving through a flood you will become a Disaster Client.  You will need rescuers to save you from drowning in your own vehicle.

Emergency Vehicles we have been driving during Active Hurricanes for 22 years, do not exceed over 20 MPH.  You will have plenty of traction on wet roads and high winds at 20 MPH.  Anything over 20 MPH can cause you to lose all control of your vehicle, anything over 20 MPH.  Drive 4x4 Rescue Trucks and Ambulances, do not do AWD or Two Wheel Drive.  Police Packages and Interceptors with Rear Wheel Drive do not park on the grass.  Keep half your vehicle on the road and half in the grass, that way you can respond without calling a tow truck.

Volunteer Rescuers, we all know you love to have Hurricane Parties.  Do not drink alcohol 24 hours prior to a disaster.  Stay pure and sober, the Disaster Clients need you at 100% Operating Capacity.  Party after all are rescued and you are deactivated.

For those that want to help and have no certifications in Disaster Response/Relief.  Please do not spontaneously show up, you are not helping the Disaster Clients, you will become a high risk.  ERRT trains twice a year for Hurricanes and Tornadoes.  So join up with American Red Cross or Team Rubicon; only way to volunteer for SAR OPS in ERRT is if you have five years or more in SAR OPS with military, police, and/or fire.   Only those possessing a General or Extra FCC HAM Radio License and those which have an AKC or TDI Disaster Therapy K-9 is being accepted as volunteers in ERRT.       ​